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Essential bag making materials and components for women handbags

Material plays an important role in the manufacturing of women handbags. If quality material will be used there will be production of quality handbags, so we can say that the quality of handbags depends upon the quality of the material. In other words material in handbags are important, sometime people are unaware about the exact type that are used inside them. This article will help the women to understand the material of handbags. Here we are describing some important material used for handbags.

20 important materials and components for handbags

  • Bag fabric
  • Interfacing
  • Webbing
  • D rings & other rings
  • Sliders
  • Zippers
  • Zipper pulls
  • Rivets
  • Swivel Snap hooks
  • Magnetic snaps
  • Purse locks
  • Bag bottoms & feet
  • Purse chains
  • Frames for purses
  • Embellishments
  • Lining / Interlining
  • Grommets and setting tool
  • Fabric protective sprays
  • Liquid starches
  • Velcro
  1. Bag fabric

It is the fact that the material of bags makes the appearance of bag. The fabric is an important material for bags. When there will be sturdy and durable material used in fabric then it will make the bags very attractive. There are some other most used frequently materials like PU leather, leather, Vinyl, and Canvas.

  1. Interfacing

Some bag fabrics like leather, fake leather, and thick canvas do not like the interfacing. But many other fabrics may need some interfacing for extra look and structure. Fusible is added to bag fabric for giving the body and substances. When you will choose the right fabric for your bag then it will be better for your bag. The fusible interfacing is attached to the lining and exterior of the bag. However, the sew-in interfacing is thicker and similar in garments. It is recommended to use the woven interfacing for cotton fabrics.

  1. Webbing

There is the use of some exterior fabric in bag handles. However when there is the use of cotton fibers and nylon in webbing then it can make the handles very convenient and easy to use. Juts you will cut and attach the material. You can find the side edge of webbing neatly and finished. You can find the webbing in many colors and widths.

  1. D rings & other rings

There is a use of a D shaped ring in many women handbags. These rings are used to hang the straps. You can see different shapes of rings like rectangle rings, oval-shaped rings, square rings. These rings depend upon the straps and handles.

  1. Sliders

These are plastic and metal rings increase or decrease the length of the straps.

  1. Zippers

Zipper covers the opening and closing of bag pockets. There are long zippers with two zippers pulls in the bags. One Zipper is with Zipper teeth while other is with plastic creating the bag type.

  1. Zipper pulls

You can personalize the regular pulls with some beautiful accessories. It can make customized zipper pulls.

  1. Rivets

If you want to attach something with your bags like handles then Rivets are used for this purpose.

  1. Swivel Snap hooks

The use of swivel snap hooks is necessary to attach the straps. These straps can be removed and used at demand. They are needed to help the hardware.

giftbagz handbag material - Essential bag making materials and components for women handbags
  1. Magnetic snaps

Magnetic snaps are popular openings that designers use for the style of a bag. These straps are consisting of two parts. Due to use of magnets these are uses to close even thickest of fabric flaps.

  1. Purse locks

Locks are used to place the closure of bags and flaps by the front.

  1. Bag bottoms & feet

There are small buttons that are placed on the bottom of bags in all four corners of bags.

  1. Purse chains

Purse chains are the handles which consist of metal chains.

  1. Frames for purses

These are necessary frames which give the structure to the purse and serve as the closure as well. You can find the frames in many styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. The clutch frames are available in rectangle shapes or arched shapes. You can use some metal frames in different colors like silver, gold and antique brass. There are very simple types of frames.

  1. Embellishments

There are some decorative elements that embellish the bags. They can include the embroidery and applique. As we know that metal studs are very regularly on Vinyl and leather bags. You can add the charm to your bags to decorate them. Metal labs added to the bags give your bags a very professional look. You can also add the charms to the bags to decorate and personalize them. You can add some metal labels to the bag front to give the bag a professional look.

  1. Lining / Interlining

When you will add interlining to your bag it will give the slight 3D effect. You can think about the quilted fabrics. There is also the use of interlining fabric material like foam, fusible fleece, and batting.

  1. Grommets and setting tool

If you need to add eyelets or grommets on leather or pleather.

  1. Fabric protective sprays

They are some sprays which are available for fabric finishing, so this helps to create the protective layers on the top. They can make fabric waterproof and scratch proof. You can protect your bag exterior from scratches.

  1. Liquid starches

Liquid Starch sprays make the fabric stiff and crisp looking. You can also dilute the liquid starch in the ratio of 2 parts water and 1 parts liquid starch. You should keep the bag in the best condition. As a recommendation you don’t have to wash the bag.

  1. Velcro

This closes the openings on the bags. There is a need to sew the tap on your bag.


The material plays an important role in the structure of women handbags. There are many material used in handbags but we have explained 20 widely used material in the handbags. This material can give the structure as well as the shape of handbags.

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