gifbag - Trending Women Handbags for 2020

Trending Women Handbags for 2020

As you know there are different types of women handbags so it is difficult to choose the best handbag is so much variety. There are many trending handbags for women these days and we are highlighting some handbags for you. You can find these handbags very attractive and beautiful. They have unique designs. These handbags can work for fashion and Trending Women Handbags for 2020. You can find different designs for these handbags. Here is the list of some trending women handbags in 2020.

  1. Duffle Bag
  2. Crochet
  3. Miniature
  4. Lanyard Bags
  5. Single Loop Handle
  6. Hobo Bags
  7. Chain Embellished Bags
  8. Multi-Compartment Bags
  9. Larger-Than-Life Bags
  10. Bamboo Handles
  11. Puffy Pouches
  12. Rope Bags
  13. Belt Bag

1: Duffle Bag

Buffle bags are the best bags for 2020 as they make fashion. They are best for everyday use. It has a cylindrical shape and has boxier styles for recent years.

  • 2: Crochet

This is one of the best handbags trends in 2020. Crochet totes and backpacks are spotted on the runways of Monse. If you are searching for a casual tote or bring to the beach or semi-fancy one for dinner. There are many crochet options to meet your daily desire.

  • 3: Miniature

Burberry and Brandon Maxwell have flirted the idea of taking your accessories. There are some dotted miniatures that make the bags more attractive. These are very small bags. It is trending women handbags in 2020. These tiny purses are dainty and cute for special occasions. They are very impractical. It has many features as you can put a tile tracker on these suckers to track your belongings.

4.        Lanyard Bags

Lanyard bags have touristy styles. Gabriela Hearst and Erdem have debuted lanyard bags. There are very useful handbags. Lanyards can allow you to carry the necessities without lugging a tote around.

5.        Single Loop Handle

The single loop handle is trending women handbags in 2020.  Adam, Dion Lee, Marc Jacobs, and Emporia Armani have released single handle bags in the last year. It is a very clean and sophisticated style as it is made up of luxe leather. The innovative and understated designs made the way for some retailers like Mode Operandi and Net-a-porter.

6.        Hobo Bags

This is the best style having the crescent shape and slouchy silhouette. There are a handle and strap that makes it very easy to wear. They are a very popular purse. Handbags are made a comeback in all sizes and textures. These bags have classic designs. The bags are very beautiful and you can carry these bags in hand. You can put your important necessaries in it as is a larger bag.

7.        Chain Embellished Bags

As we know that chains are popping up in the latest bags. Most women like chain bags as it is easy to handle these bags. These bags are very comfortable. As we know that Tory Burch has debuted a host of chain embellished handbags and JW made its designs. Ulla Johnson has offered glamorous thick and braided chained bags. However, these are beautiful bags for you as these are one of the latest trends for 2020.

8.        Multi-Compartment Bags

These days, it is not enough to carry just one bag in 2020 as women have to bring a lot of accessories with them. They can carry multiple compartments so these are multiple compartment bags. You can see three detachable pouches hanging from handless. J.W Anderson and Peter Pilotto are some of the fashion houses they have hopped on these multiple bagging trains. Women love to carry these bags as they look very attractive to handle these bags. These are the latest handbags.

9.        Larger-Than-Life Bags

If you want to carry more items with yourself then it will be the best option for you as it is the latest trend of women handbags. These bags are very large in size and they are popular bags. These bags are very simple and you can carry these bags in your hand and shoulders.

10.      Bamboo Handles

The designers are looking for many ways to incorporate more natural elements. You can carry different accessories through these bags. These are the very latest bags. These are trending bags in 2020.  You can see the detail and wearable texture to your handbags. If you want to use the handbags for regular use then Bamboo Handles are the best option for you. These are very attractive bags. You can wear bags on casual as well as in different functions.

11.      Puffy Pouches

These are leather bags that are trending bags for 2020. It is very cool, tasteful and minimalist as you can bring every accessory in it. The style of the bag makes them popular. These bags are cloud-like pouches in different colors and sizes. Tory Burch has sent a vibrant red pouch down spring 2020 runway, while Louis Vuitton has opted for more ornate options. These bags are also very beautiful and attractive.

12.      Rope Bags

As we know that designers seem to alternate between nautical-inspired details, crochet, or raffia for accessories, so Rope Bags for spring 2020.

Rope bags are also the best bags for women as most women like to wear these bags. These are very beautiful bags. These bags have beautiful designs and designers focus on these designs. You can wear these handbags with espadrilles and maxi dress on vacation.

13.      Belt Bag

The belt bags are very attractive bags for women. These are also trending bags in 2020. You can carry a lot of accessories within these bags. There is a fresh belt option that makes the bag very beautiful and attractive for women. These bags are very useful for casual use. There are deep pockets in these bags. These are very stylish bags. Women like to wear these bags as they have to carry a lot of accessories.


We have listed 13 best trending women handbags in this article as these are very beautiful and attractive. If you are looking to but the handbag then you can choose any one from these bags.

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